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Fitness Has Never Been Easier!

At FitVibes you only need 10 minutes for results comparable to 60 minutes of traditional exercise. FitVibes utilizes Whole Body Vibration(WBV). WBV stimulates every cell in your body with thousands of involuntary muscle contractions. This accelerates weight loss by building lean muscle mass, leading to increased metabolism.

To further stimulate metabolism experience our Far infrared sauna. Far infrared light is the safe part of the sun’s rays. These light rays are vital to health and stimulate our body’s metabolism helping to burn approximately 400 calories in a 20 minutes session.

What is Vibration Exercise?

Vibration is a quicker, safer and more effective method of putting the human body in an ideal health state. Vibrations stimulate muscles throughout the entire body much more effectively than tradtional exercise and activity. This stimulation causes the muscles to contract up to 50 times per second and 3,000 times per minute. Through vibration 100% of the muscle fiber is being stimulated versus approximately 40% in the same non-vibration exercise.
It takes 8 to 10 months of traditional exercise to accomplish the same results that take only one month with vibration. Vibration does almost all the work for you. What could be easier?

Whole Body Vibration featured on The Today Show.

Watch Dr. Oz demonstrates a far infrared sauna on Oprah. (click below)

Everybody Has 10 Minutes!
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